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Ribbed Steel Pros and Cons:

There are many variations and colors when it comes to roofing designs, ribbed steel is both eco-friendly and recyclable. This material is also fire, mold, and insect resistant.

This type is typically best used for siding on barns due to the color fading within 10 years of installation. 

The downside to a ribbed steel roof is that the fasteners for this are generally exposed meaning maintenance needs to be maintained every decade or so. Your metal is also exposed, so it could become dented by Mother Nature.

Think about pricing and material choices when it comes to a good roof. Although metal roofing is more expensive it will save you time and money in the long run.

Black Roof
Dark Steel Sheet
Dark Steel Sheet

Standing Seam Pros and Cons:

With standing seam roofing your screws are hidden and this is a better double ribbed steel roofing. There is thicker gauging for commercial and industrial buildings.

Your standing seam is even pricier than the ribbed steel and typically comes as a 24 or 26 gauge. Meaning the lower the gauge number the thicker/stronger and more expensive the material will be.

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